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Our specialised cleaning services


Deep Clean

This is a more specific type of cleaning that removes visible dirt, bacteria, and germs; these are particularly common in areas such as the kitchen, restrooms and common rooms which can get dirty and shabby looking quickly.

Sparkle Clean

We also carry out Sparkle Cleans, for new buildings, houses and flats so that homes are presented at showroom standard quality around Edinburgh and Central Scotland. Sparkle cleaning is when the tiny particles of dust, that collect after a building construction has finished, are removed. This will give each surface a polished look to ensure that they are fit and ready for new residence.

Builders Clean

Builders clean is a type of cleaning service provided specifically for the proceeding days after a home construction or renovation project. A builders cleaning service provides a one-off, overall clean for the entire house.

Commercial Clean

At KZCG ltd, we take pride in being more than just a cleaning company. We are your partners in maintaining a clean and healthy workplace environment. We understand that each client premises has unique needs, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t cut it. Our dedicated team of cleaning experts works closely with you to tailor a cleaning plan that suits your specific requirements.

Not sure what clean suits your needs?

Here are some examples of cleans we have carried out for some recent customers.
This may help you decide which suits you best.

Construction Company

We provided a service to a building company while they were doing construction. In which we had to provide a daily service to maintain office cabins clean for the builders and office workers. When they were finished with their building project we came in and provided a after building deep clean on the freshly built factory they just made.

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Packaging Factory

We provide a service to maintain a high level cleaning standard in a packaging factory. This type of clean is more high risk and requires much more equipment and machinery to complete. In this factory we also keep the commercial areas in high hygiene level.

Children’s Adventure Park

We provided a one off deep clean on a blow up obstacle course that was 560m long. This job required extra precision and care as we had to make sure not to damage the course while cleaning. We learned a lot during this clean and are happy to experience more new challenges like this one.

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Spotless Family Service

Putting the love we have for each other into our work

As a family-run business, our commitment to delivering top-notch cleaning services is deeply ingrained in our values. With over 8 years of collective cleaning experience in the UK, we decided to take the leap and work for ourselves two years ago and support businesses and residents in and around Edinburgh and Livingston. The success of this venture has not only validated our decision but also fuelled our determination to expand and enhance our services.

Driven by a passion for cleanliness and a dedication to customer satisfaction, we are on a mission to bring our expertise to a wider audience. Our journey is marked by a continuous pursuit of improvement, and we aspire to assist as many people as possible in maintaining clean, comfortable spaces. At KZCG, we view every cleaning task as an opportunity to make a positive impact, and we look forward to extending our services to meet your unique needs.

At the heart of our family-run business is a genuine desire to create hygienic and welcoming environments for our clients. We take pride in the trust we’ve earned over the years and the satisfaction of those who have experienced the results of our meticulous cleaning services. As we embark on this journey of expansion, our primary goal remains rooted in our commitment to delivering not just cleaning services, but a transformative experience that enhances the well-being of both homes and businesses alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you provide multiple types of cleaning or just deep clean’s?

We do more than just deep cleans, we can provide pretty much any type of cleaning that is required. Please see our list of main services.

Do you provide weekly domestic cleans for private properties?

Unfortunately for this service, our availability is fully booked, however we have space for one off cleans… get in touch now to book your one off clean.
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